USA Masters Track and Field

Active Athlete Information

At the USATF Annual Meeting in Columbus, OH (November 30-December 3) the Masters Track and Field Committee will be meeting in general sessions on Friday morning and afternoon and Saturday morning. At those meetings decisions will be made about MTF's policies and procedures as well as about the sites for the indoor and outdoor championships in 2020 and many other matters. While all meetings are open, voting in those sessions is restricted to the members of the MTF Committee, which is defined in the USATF Governance Handbook as consisting of 99 members. Among those 99 members are the 57 local USATF association masters chairs, the four officers of MTF, five at-large members appointed by the MTF Chair, representatives of a variety of associations and other USATF committees, and 20 active athletes.

Selection of the 20 active athletes who will be voting members of the MTF Committee will take place in the opening General Session on Friday morning, December 1. The selection will be done by secret ballot of the active athletes attending the meeting. Those not selected will be able to speak during the meetings and take part in other committee business, but will not be able to vote when sites are selected and other committee business is decided.

To be eligible for selection as one of the active athlete positions on the committee an individual must be a U.S. citizen, a member in good standing of USATF, a registered delegate at the Annual Meeting, and must have competed in at least one USATF-sanctioned meet (or international meet such as the NCCWMA meet in Toronto last August) within the last two calendar years (2016 or 2017). All those who apply and qualify will be accepted as active athletes, with only the 20 selected from that group by secret ballot able to vote.

If you are attending the Annual Meeting and want to be an active athlete, please fill out this FORM. Email the completed form to:
MTF Chair Email
or print it and bring it to the first session of the MTF Committee in Columbus, 8:00am Friday, Dec 1st. Blank applications will also be available in Columbus beginning on Wednesday, November 29 and at that first session.

Thank you and see you there!

Jerry Bookin-Weiner
Vice Chair, USATF Masters T/F Committee