USA Masters Track and Field

2017 USATF Annual Awards

The USATF MTF Awards Committee is happy to announce that Kathy Martin and Bob Lida have been named the 2017 OVERALL FEMALE/MALE ATHLETES OF THE YEAR!

The committee has also finalized the selection process of the 2017 AGE GROUP ATHLETES OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNERS. Please join us in congratulating the following athletes for their exceptional performances:

30-39: Sean Burnett, Walter Dix
40-49: Antwon Dussett, Sonja Friend-Uhl, Allen Woodard, Derk Pye, Jeferson Souza, Latrica Dendy, Eric Cole
50-59: Khalid Mulazim, Lorraine Jasper, Joy Upshaw, Antonio Palacios, Oneithea Lewis
60-69: William Collins, Carol Finsrud, Myrle Mensey, Rita Hanscom, Doug Torbert, Thaddeus Wilson Sr, Noel Ruebel, Charles Allie
70-79: Kathy Bergen, Joanne Marriott, Larry Hart, Gary Patton
80+: Jeanne Daprano, Gloria Krug, William Bell, Robert Culling, Ian Reed

In addition to the athletes receiving recognition for their outstanding performances in 2017, the USATF MTF Awards Committee has also named Jeff Watry as the DAVID PAIN AWARD recipient for his contributions and support of masters track and field!

Congratulations one and all!!!