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PURPOSE - The Awards Subcommittee shall select award winners following the direction of MTF.

The Masters Track and Field Awards Committee presents awards to outstanding master athletes each year based on performances during the calendar year. The awards consist of an overall Masters Athlete of the Year award winner (Track and Field or LDR) to be presented at the Jesse Owens Dinner at the USATF Convention. I addition one male and one female is selected as the overall Master Track and Field Athlete of the Year. Finally age group athletes will be selected both male and female from the following age divisions as updated at the USATF National Convention 2014.

Age Groups: (number selected is based on 3% of those who participated in the age group at both the National Masters Indoor & Outdoor Championships)

1) 30-39
2) 40-49
3) 50-59
4) 60-69
5) 70-79
6) 80+

Nominations will be accepted at the close of the outdoor season. (Specific dates will be released in a timely manner.). Helpful resources are listed at the bottom of this page under LINKS. Various criteria are used to evaluate nominees. One of these is the following Point Scoring System:

10 pts = World Record
8 pts = American Record
6 pts = WMA Championship Gold Medal
5 pts = National Gold Medal
4 pts= WMA Championships Silver Medal
3 pts= WMA Championships Bronze Medal

To be eligible to be nominated the athlete must meet the three criteria below:
  1. athlete must be a member of USATF and at least 30 years old
  2. athlete must have competed in at least one of the following USATF Meets: Association Championship, Regional Championship or National Championship in the same year as being nominated
  3. In addition to the 2 criteria above, the athlete also must have achieved at least one (1) of the following in the same year of their nomination.
    • set a new world or American record; or
    • placed 1st at a Masters National Championship (track and field); or
    • placed at a WMA Track and Field Championship (1st, 2nd, or 3rd)

Awards Committee members vote via email. The male and female nominees who receive the most votes earn the overall "Masters Athlete of the Year" award. The nominees in each division above who receive the most votes win awards. The actual awards are handed to recipients at the following year's annual Athletes Awards Dinner at the National Outdoor Masters Track and Field Championships. Award winners will also receive recognition at the National Indoor Championships. The committee also maintains an historical archive of past award winners.

David Pain Outstanding Service Award
In addition to Athlete of the Year award the committee also selects the David Pain Outstanding Service Award winner. This award is given to an individual who has given exceptional service to MTF. Nominations for this award can be made throughout the year. Please provide evidence of the individual's service to MTF when making the nomination.

The Awards Committee consists of 14 individuals who represent a cross section of different ages, geographical regions, and event expertise.
Bookin-Weiner, Jerry - VP of MTF, Throws Chair
Cleary, Mark - West Region Coordinator
Donley, Christel - Mid-America Region Coordinator
Dussett, Antwon - Athlete
Mensey, Myrle - Athlete
Murray, William - Games Committee
Stone, Ken- masterstrack webmaster
Taylor, Pete- National masters meet announcer
Thomas, Robert - VP MTF
Weiner, Robert - Chair Media Committee MTF
Welding, Ruth - Athlete
Wright - Murphy, Toccata

Non voting members of the Committee:
Rachel Guest & Mary Trotto - Co-Chairs

Harvey, Rex - MTF Chair
Brower, Jeff - Records Chair


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